The thigh comprises the powerful quadriceps and hamstrings muscle groups at the front and back respectively, and it also houses important nerves such as the femoral and sciatic nerves as they pass down the lower limb. Therefore, pain can also be referred to the thigh from the lumbar spine, as well as from the pelvis and hip joint. Hamstring muscle injuries such as tears are especially common in sprinters and those who play sports involving sudden acceleration and sprinting such as football and basketball.

Quadriceps injuries generally occur with sports involving kicking a ball or physical contact such as football. The mechanism of injury is one of overstretching or overcontraction of the muscle. Direct trauma (contusion) to the quadriceps in sports such as basketball or football is also common. Physiotherapy treatment will aim at controlling swelling and minimising pain in the first 24-72 hours, and the restoring pain-free range of movement, functional rehabilitation and graduated return to activity. Soft tissue and manual therapy, electrotherapy and a tailored exercise programme including stretches and strengthening exercises form part of the physiotherapy treatment after the acute phase of the injury (first 2-3 days).

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