Biomechanical Assessment & Orthotics Many problems such as painful knees or a bad back can be caused by biomechanical problems.

At Kingston Physio, we can offer video analysis and biomechanical assessments. This involves assessing your alignment in standing, walking and running. This not only allows static examination but dynamic and functional assessments.

This is very important, as most problems arise when we are moving around. It is helpful to determine problems which you may not be aware of as they can then be studied in more detail on video. It is also helpful to determine problems when you are actually playing your sports - for example, during a tennis serve. It allows the sports person to see their problem.

We can then determine your walking and running styles and can advise you on changes that will help you reduce stresses on to your body. Also, exercises will be provided to help stabilise feet, knees, hips and back. This will be usually be done at home, but may involve a gym programme as well. We have a fully equipped gymnasium so this can be easily shown to you.

On occasion, orthotics are required. These are medical insoles to help prevent any lower limb imbalances and improve abnormal foot function. This will help prevent any pains by controlling your biomechanics and reduces the forces onto your body when you are standing, walking, running or during a sporting activity.

Would I Benefit?

We find a biomechanical assessment is useful for the following issues:

  • Foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pains when walking or running
  • Flat feet
  • People looking to take up running for the first time
  • General recurring injuries with an unknown cause
  • People who wish to change their training routine (for example if you are training for an special event or have taken up a new activity)
  • People who want to generally improve their sporting performance.


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