Golf Screening & Injuries The Kingston Physio Golf Fitness and Injury Clinic provides a number of specialist services for all golfers to treat and prevent injury. We can also improve your golfing game through specific exercises.

As golf involves repetitive one-sided actions a lot of uneven stresses are placed on the body. As most golfers practise a lot as well as playing, they are putting continued stresses onto the body.

This then leads to injury, which in turns leads to being unable to play or having to compensate for the injury by playing differently. This in turn leads to further muscle imbalances, which causes you to slice or hook the ball. In the end your game worsens and will become inconsistent.

Our goal is to improve your body so you can play a better game of golf. While golfing coaches can improve your skills and techniques, they are not qualified to provide a physical assessement of how you play your game, which is what may be hindering your progress or causing bodily aches and stresses. This is where we come in!

Research shows that if you have a better body you will play better golf. We aim to do the following:

  • Lower your handicap
  • Prevent spinal and joint pains
  • Improve your drive to push the ball further
  • Improve your constituency.

Golf Screening:

First we will begin with a musculo-skeletal screening which identifies any weak or tight muscles and joints. We then provide you with specific exercises to correct these problems. These will include stretches, strength and stability exercises and postural advice. These will also be discussed with your golf coach if you have one.

Golf Injuries

Common Golf injuries include:

  • Back and neck pains
  • Shoulder pains
  • Elbow pains
  • Knee and hip stiffness and pains.

Our treatments involve manipulations and mobilisations of the joints, sports massage, electrotherapy and specific exercises to decrease your pains and return you to playing golf regularly.

We can also work closely with your golf coach to change any swing faults that may contribute to your problems. Our physiotherapists have received their specialist post-graduate training in this area under the world´s famous golf physiotherapist Ramsey Mcmaster who has set up the Melbourne Golf Injury Clinics. Our therapists also receive training from Michael Dalgleish, director of Golf Athlete, a group specialising in golf screening, physiotherapy and related treatments.


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